Level 1 Bronze Eagle Club

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Level 1 Bronze Eagle Club:

Level 1 Bronze Eagle Club is a beginning level entry point for the Rainbow Healing Network affiliate program. This program is designed to help people share the blessings of God's natural healing oils without having to invest a lot money up front, or having a storefront or meetings with recruits. Since most everything is done online, it is easy to just share and watch it grow. 

All future levels of advancements can be earned automatically in this easy to use program.

Rainbow Healing Network Program Benefits:

Here are some of the Rainbow Healing Network members only program benefits.

  • BOGO 4 LIFE : As an eagle club member you will get to use the Eagle Member BOGO code. This coupon is for a Buy 1 get 1 free special, that will never expire. These BOGO Eagle Member coupons will mean you will have 50% off pricing always for yourself and with no limits, even if we end the program, or change the costs associated with this program.  *These coupons do not apply to wholesale products & packages. 
  • *Personalized BOGO Codes: A personalized BOGO discount code, a QR code and referral links, all linked to your dashboard, and tracked in real time. Encourage people to use your code for to get your BOGO discount pricing. These are great for anyone you are sharing the oils with, these codes will have a limit of one use per customer.  Once they buy or join you get credit and they are in your stream.
  • Lifetime Membership Sign up once and get lifetime membership in our healing network affiliate program. While we do plan on making it an annual membership program, the eagles club founding members will never be required to pay any more for all benefits available. 
  • Free Shipping:  on orders over $99.00 (USA only, Eagle Club members only).  
  • Referral Credits: As a Bronze Eagle club member you can earn 7% of referral sales generated through your personal efforts as well as up to 15% in total downstream referral credits through the network you helped create.
  • Free Healing Oils: Credits can be used for RHC product purchases at your BOGO pricing as well!
  • *Direct Cash Credits can be used for commissions paid directly to you. If you have a business this will fit with and want to offer quality products to your clients, the Eagles club is for you. when your customers share with friends and family, you can get the in your stream with the BOGO special coupons.  *Min $600.00 to qualify for direct commission payouts.
  • Online Dashboard Your own private online dashboard that helps you share, equipped up with media, emails and social media content ready to share.
Online dashboard for the Rainbow healing network
  • Life Association means all customers and ambassadors you bring you get to keep for life, as long as your membership is active.
  • Auto Grow is a downstream network for total referral credits of up to 15% of sales, in the network you helped establish down to 20 levels deep.
  • Auto Level is an automatic level advancement program that will help you advance through all 7 pay levels automatically and increase your personal earnings % with each level.
  • Auto Track is an automated tracker that ensures anyone who purchases within 90 days of their first visit to our website is credited to the "original referrer".

Program credit details:

Level 1 of 7 7% direct referral credits of direct referred and direct promotion purchases $0-$2499

Automatic advancements up through levels 2-7:

Grow Your Tribe!

Downstream commissions of up to 15% of sales through your downstream network up to 20 levels deep, all automatically tracked through your RHN online dashboard. All network sales count toward your level advancements as well.

Rainbow healing network downstream

Join the army of healers helping to share the good news and the miracles through your faith in God's true healing. What a blessing he has left for us, to be able to fulfill his commandments, and to receive the spirit of truth and healing.  

Deut: 29:29  "The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law."


Healing oils are from the bible

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