What is Kure-it Rx Anointing Oil?

What Is Kure-it Rx Biblical Healing and Anointing Oil? 

Every person must decide what they think about this wonderful revelation, here are some facts and information about Kure-it Rx:

Kure-it Rx was Inspired by Gods Word, Revealed in the Holy Spirit, Created & Used in Faith, Proven with a cloud of witnesses, and Made Manifest through Gods hidden works.   

Here Prof. Gordon Pennington explains:

How to use Kure-it Rx healing oils:

Prof. Gordon Pennington: What is Good for You?

This may help us understand why this is the weapon we have been missing in our arsenal, as well as the prophetic nature of what we are doing together with all the people empowered though God's anointing of the holy spirit of truth. 

 Here are some resources to help you understand what the hidden mission is within the miracle of the healing oils being manifested in this time. 

Prof. Gordon Pennington: What I use the oil for:

Prof Gordon Pennington: on Healing the Kingdom

There are many interpretations about oils and their importance and/or meaning, and many have argued that they are not needed, yet these are usually the same people using pharmakia aka sorcery (poison).  

 Prof. Gordon Pennington explains the unnatural:

Jospeh Prince: How the anointing oil brings protection

 Instructions for using anointing oils 

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