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  'I will make you fishers of men"

The Eagles Club is designed to help you share these wonderful healing and anointing oils that are helping so many people be free from chemical based products, poisonous pharmakia and to be able to follow the natural ways God has commanded us from the beginning.

Only Eagle Club Members get exclusive benefits like:

  • Lifetime Membership (no annual charges/renewals)
  • BOGO 4 LIFE you will always have access to this special.
  • Direct commission credits up to 15% of referred sales
  • Downstream commission credits up to 15% of sales 
  • Free USA shipping on orders over $99.00
  • Free Dashboard personalized online for you
  • Automatic tracking of leads and sales 
  • Personalized BOGO discount coupon codes, QR code and referral code.
  • Image Gallery with pixel tracking for easy sharing.
  • Lifetime customer association.
  • Exclusive member offerings for specialty made products 
  • Discounts and access to all current specials
  • Set up wholesale and local retail accounts downstream
  • Earn free oils, commissions, education and certifications and more
  • Retail display and trade show displays available. (coming soon))
  • Exclusive Eagles Club meetings, broadcasts & training (coming soon)

Pick your starting level: 

Level 1 Bronze Eagle Club:   Only $49.95

Bronze is the first jump in entry point that will help you advance through the levels without a lot of investment, earn more and save more. Starting with an 7% direct referral credit for all direct referral sales, you can level  automatically through the remaining advancement levels based on your network growth. As you grow through the levels your direct referral credit % will grow as well.

Join Level 1 Bronze  only $49.95 for lifetime membership


Level 4 Silver Eagle Club:    Only $99.95 

Level 4 Silver Eagle Club is the mid level jump entry point that will help you earn & save more. With a starting 10% direct referral credit, you will earn more and still automatically advance through the direct referral credit levels based on your network growth. 

Join Level 4 Silver Eagle Club  only $99.95 for lifetime membership


Level 7 Gold Eagle Club:   Only $199.95

Gold Eagles Club is a top level jump entry point that will help you earn more up front with a 15% direct commission credit, which normally requires $20,000 in combined affiliate network sales to achieve.

Earning +10% more direct referral credit than the level 1 Copper, the Gold Eagles Club will give you a great earnings boost for yourself, and maximum savings for yourself. 

Join Level 7 Gold Eagle Club  only $199.95 for lifetime membership

Sign up today to join the Rainbow Healing Network and soar with the eagles!

Deut: 29:29 "The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.

*Once you have chosen your level and joined into the network program you will receive a welcome email letter and instructions to login to your dashboard.  

*Note, all account level upgrades above Copper will be adjusted within a few days by an account manager to the specified level.