Good Samaritan Healing Oil

The Good Samaritan Oil is the one we use in our ministry healing missions in the Good Samaritan Club, as well as other ministries.

At 2x the strength of the Kure-it Rx1, Good Samaritan Healing oil provides faster and longer lasting relief, and speeds up healing even more!

Each unit purchased allows our missionaries to distribute free oil to the poor & sick as well as fund our mission teams to go to disaster areas with healing, anointing, prayer and salvation gospel.

Healing and anointing is a ministry that is called for in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

This healing oil is powerful and effective for many things, especially wounds and pain. Heal yourself, and help heal others by using Good Samaritan oil. 

Each 20 ml bottle is approx an months supply for therapeutic pain relief and healing. 3 times daily use recommended.

Thank you for your support!

Prof. Gordon Pennington PNH/MNH