V-Shield antiviral alkaline oil

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V-Shield super alkaline oil is anti-viral decongestant, relieves sinus pressure, sore throat, inflamed sinuses, headaches and runny nose & more. Using a combination of infused oils and essential oils, you are assured the best performance, and completely natural.

V-Shield is made using the highest quality ingredients for super fast results. Just a few drops up the nose restores natural breathing while disinfecting and protecting the nasal cavity membrane, which is also a type of skin membrane. Oil is a natural defense against bacteria and viruses, and using our exclusive flash infusion process to trap the smoke essence of frankincense and myrrh into the oil makes this the most powerful natural medicine for COVID, cold and flu. We have lots of testimonials from COVID-19 victims, who were benefited tremendously using V-Shield alkaline nasal oil. 

These precious resins have been used for thousands of years to combat disease, skin ulcers, and even plagues. 

The wise me of Jesus Christ day knew the value of the healing power of the resins, and brought them as a precious gift to the newborn King. 

V-Shield is your best offense and defense against airborne viruses and bacteria. They have burned myrrh in tombs for centuries to kill odors and kill bacteria. In the ancient days, wine kegs were sealed and disinfected by burning myrrh in the barrels before filling them. 

Available in dropper bottles or our new nasal spray.

 Available in :

3ml glass dropper bottle

10ml nasal squirt plastic 

15ml glass dropper bottle

30ml glass dropper bottle

60ml glass dropper bottle

Don't forget your nasal defense! V-Shield alkaline nasal oil.