Natural Medicine VS Pharmaceuticals

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Robbing Peter to pay Paul
Natural Medicine VS Pharmaceuticals
By Prof. Gordon Pennington
What are the real differences between Natural Medicine and Pharmaceutical drugs?
Natural foods/herbs and Medicines derived from natural means actually provide nutrients to your body, in most instances offering many more unrealized benefits to other parts of the body.
Pharmaceuticals are designed to stimulate your body to release certain compounds stored in the body, but do not provide these essential nutrients themselves. This is no more than robbing Peter to pay Paul!
If you are stealing nutrients from your bones, glands or organs to relieve an irritating symptom, usually caused by a nutrient deficiency, you will end up nutrient deficient in other places, and possibly incur more disease.
Most diseases come from a lack of minerals and nutrients in our body, and due to this weakened or malnourished state, we have aches, pains, lack of energy, lack of focus, depression, anxiety, etc.
All Pharmaceuticals drugs (sorcery) are targeted to achieve only 1 chemical reaction. Period. For 5,000 years of recorded history, mankind has been using herbs, leaves, resins and extracts from plants for nutrition, to fight diseases, and help wounds heal, “let food be thy medicine”, a quote from Hipocrates, the father of traditional medicine is a saying as old as the KJV bible, and quite true.
If we didn’t eat or do things that are bad for us, we likely wouldn’t have disease. We are not born with illness normally, but we take it into ourselves in many ways, through our diet, our stress levels, our work environment, through Sorcery, and even our mind by accepting it.
Petro-chemical pharmaceutical drugs never really go away, they stimulate certain chemical reactions in our body, and then are passed directly into the water supply through our excrement, where it is still active. It then affects all organisms it contacts with and builds up in our food supply through that same process in fish animals and plants that absorb it. The water you drink contains trace elements of these drugs. If these same drug companies that are getting people addicted to their “remedies”, are the same ones we buy other products from, we are supporting them buy using their products. Would you donate money to a terrorist organization? Of course not, but then why would we own pharmaceutical stocks, buy their products, or take their “medicine”? If we go to the doctor and all he knows is what was taught to him by these same organizations, why are we listening to them? They have no interest in healing people, just treating them. And if the treatment results in more disease, then the remedy is worse than the original problem we went to them for.
‘Gods knowledge is foolishness to those who are perishing”
We must choose whether we believe in God or man. If we listen to Gods words, we will choose different a different path than what the world teaches, which is corrupted at best, and evil. If I took a large dose of arsenic, I am likely to get very sick and die. I can pray for healing and possibly God will grant it, but would I then turn around and do it again? That would be foolishness, but that is what we are dealing with. Any pharmaceutical drug is bad for you, even aspirin. All these drugs do is turn off the symptom, not relieve the nutritional deficiency at the root of the problem.
In the book of revelations it says: “for by your sorceries (Pharmakia) were all the nations of the world deceived, these are the days of the great deception and we must resist the lies and stand on God’s word of truth. 

To learn more you can listen to my video explaining some of these concepts


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  • I bought some oils from Rainbow Health, I will give detailed testimony in about 2 months.
    The truth will win out in the end.


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